Alternator Pulley FBE701160RA NB30105

Model: GXOAP-9193

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Min Order Quantity: 25/pcs; Lead Time: 50


GXOAP Quality Advantage

  • High-quality material of mandrel, heat treatment process, production process, and product hardness, wear resistance, the accuracy of runout, and vertical difference of the products. We will not list this one by one. Because as an OAP manufacture, these process requirements must be met.
  • About surface finish of mandrel, needle roller, and outer ring. At present, our company is manufacturing according to the bearing international standard 0.2Ra, this can reduce the wear between parts, increase the service life of products.
  • The position and perpendicularity of the needle roller are also the advantages of our company. The reasonable position degree of the needle roller is an important factor and the key to guarantee the product not slip. The perpendicularity is the guarantee of affecting the straight running of the needle roller.
  • slipping normally appears due to the volatilization and oxidation of the grease in the later stage, the grease is reduced, and the wear of each friction surface is increased. our company adds a special device of insurance on the cold extrusion mandrel. When the needle roller is pushed into this position, the alternator pulley will lock the bearing in this position. About the grease, we asked a German company to help us design and produce the grease. It can keep the pulley works well, no matter in the low temperature and high temperature. that is to say, it will never slip.

GXOAP Company

Yuhuan Jingxiu Machinery Co., Ltd, is a member of the China Machinery Association. The company is located in Yuhuan city, which lies on the beautiful east coast of China and connected with yongtaiwen expressway in the west.Founded in 2009, the company has been committed to the development and production of overrunning alternator pulley and started production in 2010. In 2013, we passed the TS16949 quality system certification, and in 2017, we passed the IATF16949 quality system certification. Our company covers an area of 2000m square meters, with more than 50 employees and 5 professional and technical personnel, we are able to deliver annually 500,000 sets alternator pulley to our customers  in China and abroad.

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